photo by Ryan JLane

When the genetic trait for explosive hair on that freckled redheaded kid disappears from the face of humanity, The Last Redhead, orphaned as a child in an era of punch cards and pay phones, is captured in a product oriented, slogan shouting, genetically engineered, fashion centric social movement, whose industry, along with stealing an egg right from her uterus, is designed to find the phlogisticate to her redheadedness.

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An international anthology of short stories written in the days of the virus, when writers around the world were confined to their homes as part of ‘lockdown’. The stories are not about the virus itself but represent a broad range of genres and subjects, such as humour, drama, science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, supernatural horror, heroes and mysteries of the paranormal. The authors who have contributed to this collection are: Saj Brodie, J. Drew Brumbaugh, Thor S. Carlsson, Jeffrey Caston, Kristyna Corres, Adam Corres, Julia Davenport, Carolyn Geduld, Hakon Gunnarsson, Jim Hamilton, Faith Jones, Ville V. Kokko, Perry Lake, Dale E. Lehman, Stephen Mills, Sherri Fulmer Moorer, Eileen Moynihan, L. Jay Mozdy, M.L. Roberts, Mike Sherer, Paul Sloop, Casey D. Sloop, Magnus Stanke, P.L. Tavormina, Leticia Toraci and Jenny Torniainen.

Description by Faith Jones, writer and editor of Writers in Lockdown.